Thursday, April 19, 2012

Red domains

I DO NOT remember the dream itself, I only remember the INSIGHT with which I awoke from it: that there is an important analogy between the planet Mars and the Swedish province Dalarna (or Dalecarlia). It was based both on their place in their respective system and on the fact that both are RED and both are home to an endemic breed of vampires.

(The redness of Mars is famous and comes from iron oxide (rust), but Dalarna is red mainly due to a local variety of porphyry rock – but not only, there are also red sedimentary rocks in the vast meteor crater around lake Siljan as well as famous mines where the iron oxide (rust) was harvested that was turned into the local red paint that coloured traditional cottages red in large parts of Sweden. Porphyry of course relates to porphyria, but that condition is traditionally connected with lycanthropism and not vampirism... )


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