Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The chimney house

More vertical geography:

I've just moved into a new apartment. I live on the upper floor of a converted house, and my friend SD lives on the ground floor. A chimney runs up one side of the house, and we each have a window which opens into the chimney.

The inside of the chimney is airy and well-lit, and lined with bright books. If SD ever happens to be by the window downstairs, or is looking for books in the chimney, I can attract his attention by waving a shiny pencil, and he will climb up the bookshelves to come and say hello.

Later on, while we're inside another building, there's a frightening episode when deep fissures open up in the ground, and angry vampires hurl human bodies back and forth. But the verticality is less pronounced during this episode, in that I'm not able to see very far into the fissures, and certainly not about to try climbing down them.


M said...

A few days ago I dreamt about vertical geography too, relating back to our discussion of metonymy in "Laws of motion" (2006) (cf http://robberbridegroom.blogspot.com/2006/10/laws-of-motion.html):
Usually parkinglots are more or less proportioned to the attractions they are serving, but on the top of a hill in a swedish suburb there is a just a huge parkinglot and a small restaurant, which furthermore also serves as a church on sundays. My relatives are having some celebration in there, but I refuse to go in. Instead I find the elevator which seems to be the only way out of there (which makes it even more pointless to have a huge parkinglot, if there isn't any roads leading there). The elevator is unusual in that it is driven by a combustion engine, and it takes some time to learn how to manouvre. Eventually I manage to set off downwards with good speed, and I land inside a huge shopping center/sports arena. It is very sparsely populated though and it must be in the middle of the night. It reminds me of Tampa, Florida. Unfortunately the vertical movement have made me far bigger than the other things down here on this level. I'm walking around looking for a magician who could give me some sizechanging biscuits Alice-in-Wonderland-wise, but as there isn't too much people it isn't very unpleasant to be wrongsized.


christofer said...

Some years ago I often dreamed about what I call "Salvador Dalis secret gallery". The gallery was always behind a secret door that appeared in futuristic cafés, strange abandoned building or industrial buildings. The interior of the gallery changed from time to time but it was always a tall room. One time when i got into "the secret gallery" it was like coming into a wide chimney. The walls where painted white, covered with Dalis unknown paintings. I could see about 30 meters above me, the lower part of the chimney was very well lit. Further up it was dark. On a table there was a tape-recorder from which I heard different speeches held by politicians mixed with doctors talking about their patients and plain mumbo-jumbo.

The last time I had a dream about the Dali gallery it was located in a round courtyard. I was walking around a round, abandoned apartment story. I didn´t know why I was there, I walked around until I found small round hole in the brick wall. I looked through it and saw into the round courtyard. It was all quiet and still. In the middle of a field of grass was a statue of don quixote by Salvador Dali. I never got into the courtyard.