Friday, October 22, 2010

Heaven and Tax-Refund

I´m attending a political lecture, where Kristian Kristansson, editor of Kris, is just stating:

"People actually believe that the taxes they are paying somehow returns to them."

He shows an illustration of this:

Then another illustration is shown. It reminds me of Waldemar Lorentzon´s Cosmic Mother, but instead of that painting´s mother-figure in the clouds a flute-playing Pan-figure appears:

At the same time these words are accompanying these pictures:

"Panpipe tones in the boy-depth
Clouds descend into the landscape
One rejoices at the soft sincerity of the sky"
/ NN


MF said...

O yes, the firsthand experience of cloud topology is the major reason to travel by air, especially since when the clouds do come down to our level it is always as rather homogenous stratus rather than the morphologic-fantasy-congenial cumulus...

PS When we discussed this dream yesterday it was emphatically denied that it had to do with the question I launched some time ago about paradisical dreamscapes. This dream had nothing to do with the popular-christian arcadia of the angels in the sky since there was a pan figure there to prove it non-christian. But what about Freud's suggestion that some things sometimes represent their exact opposite?

NN said...

More low-level cumulus appreciation:

NN said...

Paradisical dreamscape: yes, of course!, but the Arcadian theme and the pastoral genre are quite distinct or independant from christian ideas about angels in the sky, you know (at least historically). As for a Freudian interpretation, it would be another matter. "Panpipe tones in the boy-depth" would likely be seen to point to the awakening of infantile desire, where an attraction to Earthly Mother is represented by the nourishing cloud-breast approaching. This fantasy is then realized through an Oedipal substitution of the role of restrictive (refund promises) Heavenly Father with the erotically more active Pan-figure...