Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Try the dawn moths

I'm trying to find the Estonian word for 'you' (in plural, the object form). I'm using google to find out, but the search hit paragraphs soon turn into the streets and houses at the edge of an Estonian town. I walk up and down the streets reading the doorplates to find out.
And I do find it: kõidas. Possibly at the house where a fit, middle-aged man with cropped hair, an expensive car and a dog, gets very irritated and tells me off. The dog stands barking a few steps behind. The man thinks I'm spying on him. I do a silly dance on the garden path just to annoy him even more.

'Kõidas' turns out not to exist, but similar words include kõi (moth), kõit (dawn) , kõita (try). According to google translate, at any rate.
/ IÖ

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