Sunday, December 23, 2007

Det åttonde klimatets topografier

Drömd geografi 1: Det låga molnet
Drömd geografi 2: En enorm svävande klippa, kanske rentav en planet, som sakta sjunker ner bakom bergens horisont.

Not: Det åttonde klimatets topografier är en lånad kapitelrubrik från Henri Corbins drömgeografiskt högintressanta, och på flera sätt banbrytande text Mundus Imaginalis, en text som vi snart skall få anledning att återkomma till.

"/.../ if we usually speak of the imaginary as the unreal, the utopian, this must contain the symptom of something. In contrast to this something, we may examine briefly together the order of reality that I designate as mundus imaginalis, and what our theosophers in Islam designate as the "eighth climate"; we will then examine the organ that perceives this reality, namely, the imaginative consciousness, the cognitive Imagination; and finally, we will present several examples, among many others, of course, that suggest to us the topography of these interworlds, as they have been seen by those who actually have been there."

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